Sunday, December 4, 2011

As Close As You Want To

I’m allowed in the throne room.  He said it was Ok.  I could go in, see what it was all about.  See the King even, if I wanted to.  He said I could go as close as I want to.  And I do want to see this King.

So I take my first cautious step over the threshold.  Guess what I see first?  No, it’s not the King – but I know he’s there, I just know it.  I see legs, so many legs.  I’m small, and I seem to be engulfed in this forest of legs.

My senses are alive, tingling, almost overwhelmed.  But I want to remember all this, so I take a deep breath and start to look around.  I see people – so many, many people.  People like I’ve never seen before.  Like that one, so tall and regal looking, with glowing dark skin.  Or that lady there, I’ve never seen such pale skin, and with so many freckles.  There’s red hair, grey hair, and even no hair at all.  There must be every single race on earth represented in this room, and they’re all together, all there for the same reason.

I start to move forward.  I want to get closer.  He said I could go as close as I want to.  I weave my way through that forest of multi-coloured legs.  Left around that pale white one, right passed that one so dark it’s like the richest of chocolate.  “Excuse me, please.”  “Can I get through here?”  “I want to see the King.”  “I would like to be nearer the front, please.”  As I make my way forward the people make a way for me.  “Let the child through, she wants to see the King.”  They smile, like maybe they’ve seen the King themselves, and they want me to see him too.

All at once the most amazing fragrance consumes me, it’s like all my favourite things all rolled into one, but even better.  My senses continue to be awakened and amazed.  It’s like I can taste that delicious aroma that’s filling the throne room.  If this is what it is like to be just near to the King, then I want to be closer still.  He said I could come as close as I want to.

I keep making my way forward, and as I do I hear words coming from my mouth, the words pulsing through my heart, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.”  I realise that everyone, all these people are all singing the same words.  I don’t know how I know, as they’re all singing in their own multitude of languages, but I just know.  “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.”

Oh how simply stunning.  I look up and I see thousands upon thousands of angels flying overhead, all crying out their praises to the King.  They are just amazing, shimmering, shinning, reflecting His glory, like sparkles of light raining down on all those faces.  Oh I really want to see him now.  If that is just a reflection of His glory, I want to see the real thing.

I duck and I weave through a few more legs and I nearly hit the floor.  I have to grasp a hand beside me to steady myself.  There He is.  The King.  He’s right there and He is GLORIOUS!  His presence, His glory, it fills the throne room, and it fills me.  I’m not sure I can still stand; I’ll crawl if I have too.  But I want to be closer.  So I let go the hand I’m using for balance, and I take a step towards him.  Oh the audaciousness, will all these people, the angels, the creatures around the throne, will they really let me get closer?  Well I’m not stopping to ask for permission.  He said I could go as close as I want to, and I want to be closer.

So I move closer, closer, closer.  Until I’m right there, right before the throne.  That’s Him, my King, my delight.  I fall on my knees before Him.  Oh to be so close I can almost touch him.

He said I can go as close as I want to.  I look into those eyes.  Eyes that burn with love.  Eyes that have seen every step I’ve taken.  Eyes that have seen every misstep I have taken, and yet continue to pour out complete and unending love for me.

He said I can go as close as I want to.  I take a deep breath, breathe in that precious fragrance, and I lay my head on his lap.  My King, My Papa, My God.  He said I could come as close as I want to.