Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Want To See God Today

So I've decided that if I'm going to write, I might actually need to pick up a pen occasionally, or hit "new post" on my blog more than once every few months.  I read a book recently.  I wasn't a particularly great book, but one of the characters in the book ended up going to a writing class.  The most memorable part of the book for me, was when her teacher said, "Write everyday.  It might be the most trivial of things that you write about, but write everyday."  And in pondering that instruction, I can see the wisdom in it.  To sit around and wait for the next big idea to come along, does not make me a writer.  Picking up the pen and putting some words on the page, is what makes me a writer - not necessarily a good one, but a writer none the less.  And if I'm not writing regularly, then it will be harder to pen the big ideas, when/if they do come.  

So I've made a few changes in my life, rearranged a few priority's in my head.  I'm putting the important things first, and letting the necessary, but not life defining things, fit in around the important things.  And one of those things, for me, is writing.  So everyday, my intention is to write "something."  Don't worry, I'll not be putting all the trivial stuff on here and boring you to tears.  But I'm going to write and enjoy putting words on the page, because it's one of the things that God has put in my heart to do.

So today, this is what ended up on my page, and I'd like to share it with you.

I want to see God today.  Does that sound crazy?  Like it's too much to ask for?  How will I see God today?  Actually, God's just there - sitting on the couch right next me.  But I won't see Him unless I look up.  I guess if I want to see God today, it's up to me to look.  God doesn't tend to play hide and seek, not very well anyway, he hides out in the open and we only need to open our eyes to see Him.

When I'm looking - God's easy to see in His word, so very easy to see in worship, often He's even easy to see in trail and hardship.  But I want to see God today - in a different kind of way.  I want to see God today - by looking for Him in you.

You were made in God's image - whether you know that or not, whether you even know God or not.  So there is something of the beauty, the wonder, the goodness of God, IN YOU - and I want to see it.

YOU could be one of my closest friends, my child, my workmate, the checkout chick, or that person across the counter at work that just drives me nuts.  But there is something of the image of God in YOU, and I'll see it if I will only look for it.

If I can see God today, in you, then serving you becomes easier; your pain becomes something I can help you bear; and your joy becomes something I can share.

If I can see God today, in you, then I know I'll be a better person for taking the time to see.  And maybe you'll be a better person too, because someone took the time to see God in you.

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